TWNY & Well Said Clinic

See how we were able to assist Well Said Clinic with updating their back office technology, and assist them in leveraging modern cloud services.

Cloud Telephony – Why you should make the switch

Most businesses understand the benefits of cloud technology, from scalability to cost savings and simplified management. Although this is the case - for some reason most companies continue to utilise simple, legacy telephony systems. These are usually standard telco...

Microsoft to battle iPad with new 10″ Surface GO

Microsoft has finally taken aim at Apple's iPad with a new tablet of its own, announcing the smaller "Surface Go" will launch in Australia next month. The 10-inch Go is smaller, lighter and less powerful than the existing Surface Pro tablet, but follows the same...

The importance of business collaboration

Collaboration is not a new initiative, in fact the most successful companies in the world have been doing it for years. Car manufacturers share blueprints, apparel companies share marketing techniques and the list goes on. It is an important tool for businesses of any...

Common technology pitfalls of new and emerging businesses

We use technology for a huge variety of tasks in our lives - it has crept into our everyday routines and is here to stay. On a personal level we are embracing new technology in our phones, TV's, cars, ovens and fridges. Cloud technology, and wearables like FitBit and...

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