Microsoft Bookings – A smarter way to manage your appointments online

by Jul 29, 2017

Bookings is an online booking tool for appointments and is one of the newest tools to be released by Microsoft as part of their Office 365 platform. It makes managing appointments easy for you and your customers, simply create an online booking page which your customers can use to make appointments online, 24/7. Bookings helps you save time by reducing the amount of scheduling and re-scheduling of appointments, for both customers and employees. All data is stored securely within your Office 365 environment.

As well as simplifying the experience for booking appointments online, Bookings can be managed from your mobile device on the go. This allows you to update and respond to appointments without playing phone tag with your customers, and keeping them up to date instantly.

While appointment management is the primary goal with Bookings, the system can also be used to build your customer list, as it creates a contact entry automatically when a customer inputs their info into the online system. The contact card contains the customer’s personal information, like name, address, phone, and email, as well as notes.

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