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by Aug 13, 2019

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Growing speech therapy clinic doubled down on their new facility by adopting new business technology. They no longer rely on dated fax machines and phone systems or manual offsite backups, and can focus on delivering outcomes for their customers.

Executive Overview

Well Said Clinic had outgrown their current facility and had made the decision to move, understanding this would be as good a time as any to make some significant technology and process changes. The company embraced cloud platforms such as Office 365 and VOIP services whilst investing in their internal network to increase both speed and security. A website redesign was also undertaken to complete their technology uplift, and provide more timely and complete information to their current and future customers.

The business outcomes from this investment include:

  • No further requirement to manage offsite backups
  • Flexible, feature rich VOIP telephony system
  • High performance wireless network
  • Cloud document storage, allowing for co-authoring as well as allowing staff to access files from anywhere
  • Improved website readability, allowing clients to easily locate information

The Customer

Well Said Clinic are a speech therapy clinic that are located in Werribee and service the Wyndham community in Melbourne’s west. They specialise in assisting children and young adults with their speech and language challenges, as well as running important programs for parents and early educators to give them the strategies they need to continue providing assistance to those in need.

The Challenge

With a move to a new clinic, Well Said were not interested in looking at an ADSL connection, faxes, legacy telephones and local files. The clinic was looking to adopt a more modern way of working not only to enable flexibility and increase productivity, but also manage sensitive patient files in a more flexible way without compromising on the security of this information.

Our job was to design a network and phone system as well as define a new way of working for the staff at the clinic to allow them to make the most of the technology investment. The new facility provided challenges of its own due to its size and lack of usable cabling, so we also needed to ensure we had high density WiFi throughout.

The Solution

After discussing the requirements we decided Office 365 Business Premium was a perfect fit for cloud productivity, allowing all clinic files to be securely stored and accessed from anywhere. It would also give each clinician their own Microsoft Office license and allow them to work on the same documents at the same time without causing conflicts.

A new Cloud VOIP telephony system from SIP City was chosen as well as modern handsets from Yealink. Each therapy room was given a standard handset, whilst reception was provided a more feature rich model in order for them to manage the bulk of the calls and advanced features. The fax was replaced with an eFax service, and the new system relies only on an internet connection to function. Voice quality is significantly improved, features such as auto attendant and voicemail to email are part of the service.

Next we also designed a high performance internal network utilising the latest Unifi technology from Ubiquiti Networks. This included a security gateway, POE switch, cloud key and PRO Wireless access point. These devices allow for not only high performance but are perfectly matched to allow for increased visibility and security of network traffic as well as easy remote cloud management.

Lastly, the website was in need of a refresh to allow the clinic to manage updates themselves, and to ensure it flowed and scaled nicely to any device in an increasingly mobile first world. We took the essence of the existing website and uplifted to an easily managed platform, whilst simplifying the layout and adding some much needed SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The responsive design looks great on any device and provides fast access to the most important business information, including one touch call and google maps integration.

The Feedback

The feedback from the clinic has been overwhelmingly positive, with staff able to focus on therapy whilst in the office but also work flexibly as required. There are no longer issues knowing where information is located, staff and customers are able to find the clinic information they need on the internet from any device easily. We continue to work regularly with the clinic on smaller items that arise, and provide ongoing business technology advice.

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