About Us

Our purpose is to deliver fit for purpose cloud technologies in a simplified manner for our customers. Our aim is to take the complexity out of managing your technology requirements and provide your business with robust, simple to use platforms.

Who are we?

Our staff come to work every day because we are passionate about cloud technology and assisting businesses with their technology transformations. We specialise in the design and implementation of cloud technology solutions for start-ups and small businesses.

Our Story

For years, we had been assisting friends, family, our sporting clubs and various other small businesses with their technology questions in an ad-hoc fashion. This prompted us to investigate to common difficulties and pitfalls for small businesses and start-ups without the necessary skills or contacts to effectively manage their technology requirements in a fast paced, agile technology world.

We realised that a lot of these companies were relying on advice from a handful of large providers, providing basic information on how to purchase a domain and setup a website. This was leading to a lot of similar looking sites with no way of standing out, and companies using multiple tools with no integration with overlapping features wasting their money. Worse still, these companies were stuck using dated technology and processes, with no understanding or guidance of how to bring their business technology up to current standards.

We started to look at what was required by most businesses and noticed that the same fundamental platforms are required by nearly all companies: a business domain, a website, an email platform, file storage and productivity tools such as Microsoft Office. After spending some time working with partners we were able to design a flexible, affordable approach to provide and manage these platforms to businesses.

In late 2016 we decided to start our own company, putting all of the hard work and research above into practice. We now have the platform and delivery methods in place to assist businesses in an efficient, affordable way, and we are passionate about assisting people in joining an exciting new digital age without any of the hassle!

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